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Every event needs a soundtrack.

Every bride knows how their walk down the aisle will sound before they take their first step, and every event planner knows the ambiance of their cocktail hour before the invites are in the mail. You know the music you want to hear at your event, but it can be difficult to find the right live musicians to bring your soundtrack to life and make your event unforgettable.

Bell & Bow is your guide to the professional classical and jazz musicians in southwest Michigan and beyond.

Bell & Bow maintains an extensive network of professional musicians ready to perform at your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner party, church service, or corporate event. The musicians with whom we partner are experienced and vetted soloists, chamber ensembles, and actively performing instrumentalists and vocalists who are passionate about bringing your music to life. We offer a large music catalogue and custom arranging services in the event your special requests aren't readily available. 

Contact Bell & Bow now and make your soundtrack a reality. 

Don't leave your music to amateurs. Leave it to Bell & Bow.



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What We Do


Often all you need is a single musician to make a statement. A solo trumpeter can regally march you down the aisle, and a solo guitarist can create an intimate soundscape. Bell & Bow can provide harpists, vocalists, flautists, pianists, violinists, and many others. Soloists can perform on their own or be accompanied by piano or organ as necessary.

chamber ensembles

Chamber ensembles, so called because of their versatility to play in smaller rooms, are Bell & Bow's most popular offering. Duos, trios, quartets, and quintets all fall in this dynamic category. String quartets can create a romantic and sweet backdrop while brass quintets can evoke grand and inspiring entrances. The sky is the limit with chamber ensembles and Bell & Bow is your guide.

Jazz Combos

Jazz is among the most evocative musical genres. It can set the perfect mood for your event, and Bell & Bow can craft the best combination based on your vision. Whether you need a crooner like Sinatra or Ella to take the stage, be-bop in the background, or just a jazz pianist improvising at your dinner party, Bell & Bow works with you to find which instrumentation fits the feel of your event.


Let's Make Music Together.